The Final Event // Party In The Pines

Have you heard? If you haven’t then you are not going to want to miss the opportunity to attend.

It’s been under wraps that this is the LAST Party In The Pines Festival for the foreseeable future.

This will be your last chance to experience the local festival. So if you were undecided about buying a ticket for £25 maybe this will help you decide.

I’ve attended every year since it opened to the public in 2013. I even used to help out right at the start. So it has been amazing to see it grow from a few friends to a few thousand.

I’ve not heard anyone say they haven’t enjoyed themselves at the festival and I know a lot of local people will be sad to see it go, but you have to appreciate it does take over the life of the organisers. As soon as the last one finished, preparation for next year starts and with year after year of challenges and obstacles, it is hard work to make sure the event happens every year without fail.

So will you be celebrating at the last Party In The Pines?

Tickets are at a limited number now and the capacity due to licensing is quite low so don’t be kicking yourself when you can’t go.

Facebook Quote from Main organiser Gaz Hird:
“Unfortunately this will be the last ever Party in the Pines.
This is due to us falling out of favour with the Environmental Department at North Lincs council.
They have been making organising this event increasingly more difficult each year.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank every single person who has attended over the years and hopefully we can see the majority of you return next month so we can give our beloved festival the send off it deserves.
Thank you for the support
Gaz Hird
Party in the Pines Festival
2013 – 2017″


Buy a physical ticket: 

  • Cafe INDIEpendent -Scunthorpe
  • Jones’s Barbers -Brigg
  • Mad Hatters Cafe- Ashby
  • Replay Records -Grimsby

Or via





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