Fundraising Music Event // Lincoln Imp

An 8 hour music fundraising event is set to take place at the end of July at The Lincoln Imp. Brought to you by local project Songbooks & Glory.

We are a local, Scunthorpe based social project run entirely by young people aiming to provide free music opportunities to disadvantaged children and youths, from issues such as disability and poverty, to a lack of education and even war abroad. 

As a project we have recently booked, planned and are now preparing the final touches to an ambitious first time mini 8 hour festival at The Lincoln Imp in Scunthorpe on the 30th of July.

This is a fundraising event featuring new and upcoming local acts such as Chelsea Robert’s, and established local acts such as Matt Hercock side by side on the same stage.

The event will start at 2PM and run through till 10PM, there will be free food provided from 6 onwards (for as long as it lasts anyway) and drink will he available to be purchased from the venues bar.


Contact the project or event page for any further information.


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