Food Review // The Honest Lawyer ★★★★

Tonight we visited a hidden gem not so far from Scunthorpe town centre. We had never been to the venue before tonight and upon arrival felt warmly welcomed both by staff and regulars downstairs in the small and cozy bar area.

We ordered some drinks and the friendly barman said we could go upstairs to the restaurant. The restaurant itself is very clean and well presented in apperance. We were greeted by a friendly waitress, she was very helpful and informative about the menu choices, some ingredients were unavailable but supplemented.

The decor of the place is quite simple but the layout creates a nice atmosphere as does the music playing. There are some quite large tables, which would be great for a birthday meal out with friends.

The menu is  quite unique from anything else we have experienced in the area. I’d say the menu was of a higher class and quality than your average pub/bar meal.

On our table sat our menu on a clipboard for us to browse the starters and mains before we ordered. We decided to choose some dishes we wouldn’t have otherwise experienced elsewhere.  We went for the Pan Seared Scallops dish and Baked Tomato Galette.IMG_20170426_192939

The Scallops came with a lovely pea and wasabi puree and was sprinkled with parma ham crumbs. The Scallops were very tender and fresh in taste, melt in the mouth. The puree complimented the scallops perfectly giving them a kick.

The Tomato Galette was something we weren’t quite sure what it was but liking tomatoes and cheese it was a good choice. I really enjoyed the combination of goats cheese on the tomatoes. Some of the tomatoes tasted sun dried and sweet and the others were fresh sliced so it was a good taste variation.


There wasn’t much of a wait at all between courses, so we soon moved on to our main dishes. We chose the Oven roasted chicken breast with black garlic & the trio of pork.

Both dishes that arrived at the table were well presented and looked delicious. The photos don’t really do it justice. The portion size was more than enough and we were getting full.

wp-1493239429897.The chicken was very succulent and moist but the skin was beautifully crisp with black garlic. I’d go as far to say it was one of the best chicken dishes I have tasted. The dish was decorated with artistically placed drops of burnt leek puree. The gravy was very rich in flavour and the potato was a pleasant addition to the plate. The wild mushrooms really made the dish pop.

The trio of pork was 3 different cuts of pork, cheek, belly and a bon bon. The bon bon IMG_20170426_194612was by far my favourite as it resembled pork and stuffing with fresh spring onions laced throughout it. The dish was accompanied by chard cubes and slices of carrot. The gravy was rich but I wasn’t quite sure about the cauliflower puree as I am not a big cauliflower fan but it had a nice texture to it, very smooth.

By the time we got to dessert we were quite full but we managed to squeeze in the Lemon Meringue and a homemade treacle tart. The treacle tart was a little overcooked but the helping of custard was a welcomed addition. The tart came with a quenelle of
clotted cream on top with grated  lemon zest.IMG_20170426_202205
The Lemon Meringue was not what you would traditionally expect, it came as a lemon curd pastry tart with a Champagne sorbet, which tasted like apple. There was also some very tangy lemon jelly on the side, which definitely shocked the taste buds. The meringue was in small piped pieces onto the place.

Overall we enjoyed our fine dining experience at the Honest Lawyer. We would recommend you give it a try yourself. It is a little more pricey than your average meal out but you are getting something more for your money.

Our Rating (Out of 5):

Service: ★★★★★
Hygiene:  ★★★★★
Price & value for money: ★★★★
Overall Dining experience:  ★★★★

Book a table 01724 276652

Honest Lawyer Facebook Page





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