Interview with Casper Croft // Party In The Pines 2017

We spoke to a good friend of mine Casper Croft, the man with a history of many bright hair colours (Currently Green). If you have ever been to Pines before you may have spotted him about sporting his pines t shirt. He is the man behind the posts, poster’s, website and general organisation along with main organiser Gaz Hird.

This year Casper has taken on the management of the DJ stage, so what can we expect from the DJ and dance aspect of this year’s Pines? Let’s find out, shall we….

Casper, How did you first get involved with Pines, why & when?

I first got involved after attending the first 2 public events. I was blown away by Party in the Pines, having been a ”big” festival veteran for a few years, I was amazed to find a budget festival with the feel and atmosphere of the big national ones, and wanted to use my skills in design and marketing to help this small independent venture to grow and give people a positive image of the area – we’ve had people from Manchester message us, telling us what a great day out they had in Scunthorpe.

Who have been your favourite acts so far?

The Enemy and The Moods for bands, Nicky Blackmarket, Missrepresent and Jordan Suckley on the DJ side.

What do you think Pines unique selling point is to anyone thinking about buying a ticket?

It’s always a brilliant day with people of all ages enjoying themselves with a friendly atmosphere and a few characters making people laugh, for a few quid. We always seem to have the sun shining too, which is a bonus.

What can people expect from this year’s event, will it be much different from previous years, regarding stage format and genre?

This year we’re having 3 stages. We’re having the usual indie on the main stage and DJ stage that always proves popular, the 3rd stage this year will showcasing some more ‘alternative’ acts, so hopefully we cover all bases and there ill be something for everyone.

What is your fondest moment of Party in the Pines, either as an organiser or the first time you went as a reveller?

As an organiser – Every year, not long after the event starts, when people come into the arena and start enjoying themselves, there’s a big gasp of relief that all the previous few months hard work has come together and I grin like a cheshire cat.

Personally – I got the chance to play on the main stage when we had Reverend and the Makers headlining. I’d never played in front of that many people and was in a panic, but somehow pulled it out the bag. The adrenaline rush after was amazing, I was on cloud 9.

I’m thankful for some of the friendships I’ve made via the event too, it’s nice to meet like-minded people who work towards putting on a show for the enjoyment and promotion of the music, I believe our ethos attracts these kind of people and it’s positive not just for the event, but the music scene in general.  We’ve no time for diva’s and egos.

What do you think keeps people returning to Pines, year after year?

For the locals I think bringing big names to the local area, along with breakthrough acts from around the country tied in with local acts getting to play alongside these names. That, and value for money, a ticket won’t break the bank and people are welcome to bring their own food and drink, or take advantage of the bar and caterers we have on site, and free camping included. We always try to look after the locals who return year after year by means of ticket offers on black friday and the early bird tickets we have available before headliners announced.

What is the most annoying question you get from the public regarding the event?

oh jeez too many to pick. The one that makes me laugh when I think about it, is the guy who messaged asking how much his dinner would cost

When will the early bird ticket offer end?

Just before we name the main headliners – so a couple of weeks. If people are planning to attend, now would be the time to buy their tickets in order to save a few quid.

What’s your favourite Picture in the pines?

There’s sooooo many to choose from, narrowed down to 3.

1) When I got to play

2) That moment when the hard work paid off and everyone is having fun

3) Myself and main organiser Gaz with Tom Clarke of The Enemy



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