Monday night we decided to go out for tea but didn’t want to venture far. We usually go out of town to village pubs for some proper home cooked food.

But just down the road is self described as the village pub in the centre of a town, the Malt Shovel on Ashby High Street. The only thing is there is no onsite parking but if you’re lucky you might get a space in broadway if not then venture down collum lane to the carpark at the end.

It was surprisingly busy for a Monday night, with every table almost full and quite a few families out for birthday meals.

Initially getting seated wasn’t very clear as we were pointed towards the back of the room where the barmaid had pulled a table apart for us to have a table for 2 but it was only pulled about ten centimetres away from the table next to us with 2 young children and a gentleman so we did feel a little like we were eating with them and had to watch our conversation and language as the children were literally shoulder to shoulder with us.

The pub is warm and welcoming with a cosy village pub atmosphere.

The menu had plenty to choose from but we went for lasange and scampi. The scampi and chips came with a choice of mushy or garden peas. You got a very good portion of scampi and the food was all very hot. The lasange came with salad and dressing and also a big handful of chips.

The chips on both dishes were very nice, they kind of reminded me of chip shop chips that you would get with your chippie.
The lasange itself wasn’t very tomatoey but never the less it was very nice and was made with a rich creamy cheese sauce and quality mince. Sometimes when you get lasange from a menu the mince can be a little bitty and fatty but this wasn’t at all.


Overall it was a good price. It was a nice but busy atmosphere and although it was very busy we weren’t waiting long at all for our food to arrive.  The other nice touch to the pub is you can see the chefs cooking in the kitchen and you can see them put your food onto the counter.

*Opinions on our reviews are honest.