Food Review // Amcotts Ingleby Arms

On a few occasions now we do tend to find ourselves going to the Ingleby Arms in Amcotts for our sunday dinner.

The prices are reasonable and match some of the other sunday dinner competitors. It is around £7 just for your main course but there is an option to have 2 or 3 for a small added extra.

The staff are all quite young, friendly and enthusiastic. And the atmosphere of the place is welcoming and cosy. We usually get seated in the large back varander, which is really nice when the sun is shining. The chairs are quite uncomfortable sometimes but maybe that’s luck of the draw. I’ve swapped my chair on a few occassions.

The food itself is an option of a roast of the day, traditional beef or a steak pie. Now I hear from the people I’ve been with the steak pie is nice but it is a bit unimpressive looking as it comes as a little square with shortcrust pastry but that’s maybe because I don’t favour pie.


I always go for the beef and it’s usually very tasty and tender. The pub works a little differently to a carvery as your server comes to your table and asls what dish you would like. You then sit and wait at your table and a plate with your meat/pie and gravy and a large homemade yorkshire pudding is brought to you.
This is sometimes where it gets a little frustrating as on occassion it can come straight out to you and another time you could be waiting 45 minutes for it to be presented to you.

Once you have your meat and yorkshire, you are then invited to go up to the hot servers to spoon yourself as much veg, stuffing and gravy as you like. The veg is always hot and tasty and all freshly prepared. It doesn’t look as though it has been sat there for hours. I also like the fact you can drown your food in as much gravy as you like rather than having to ask for more.

I would recommend trying The Ingleby Arms for a sunday lunch as it is usually excellent service and food but every so often and depending what time, understandably you can be waiting a little longer. And that really is the only down side really. As at a cavery you would get everything all together straight away.

Do you go anywhere in or around Scunthorpe for sunday dinner? Where is your favourite place? Let us know.


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