Notorious “Chav” MC Devvo Comes to Town (VENUE CHANGED)

Float Like Angels Promotions proudly presents,the one and only MC Devvo live now at The Crown Inn, Ashby.

Everyone’s favourite Donny Soldier, MC Devvo has been a bit quiet over the last few years. He’s sporadically been releasing videos and doing TV work since he sprung to fame  in 2007 when he released his album From Yorkshire to New York.

He disappeared completely between 2010 to 2012 and vicious rumours began circulating what had happened to Devvo.

Devvo was well known for his comical take on being “A Chav” with numerous videos and songs.

Support Acts:

COAVES – Dance Rock from Hull

Chubbz and Crez – Hip Hop from Grimsby

IRON HANDS – Technical Indie Rock from Sheffield

Online Tickets £10 plus £1 booking fee Paper Ticket £10 (ON SALE AT THE LINCOLN IMP TAIL END OF THE MONTH) Limited 250 tickets for this event.

Doors 7pm Start 8pm

Friday 16th October 2015


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