2015-04-17 10.03.15So this morning we thought we would try the Oscars Bar Full English breakfast for 98p, because honestly we couldn’t really believe that this deal existed, it’s that cheap.

We sat down at 9:30am and got our coffee’s, which you pay around £1 for and then you can have free refills. It seemed the word of this deal had got about as there were a few other groups of people walking in and asking for this 98p marvel they had seen spread across social media.

As you can see above we got a piece of toast, some mushrooms, a lincolnshire sausage,  piece of bacon, a fried egg, hash brown, plum tomatoes and some beans.

Now there isn’t any complaints about the food, how could you complain at that amount of food for that price that saved you getting the pans out. It was great value and you definitely got more than your moneys worth.

So if you fancy trying the 98p full english it is served daily at Oscars Bar in Scunthorpe between 9am – 11am.

Let us know what you think? Have you tried it?…Will you be trying it?

Oscars Bar opens their new kitchen with a new menu next week, we have included the menu pages below.

Find them on Facebook here


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  1. Sally says:

    Will not new eating there as I know what a state the premises is in and there is rats and rubbish in the back and cellar the owners are dirty and disrespectful to other I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone


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