We on occasion review places we eat and we sometimes get invited to try certain deals i.e Sunday menus and Carvery. The past few we have done have hit the stats on Facebook and the website enormously reaching well past 10,000 reach per review. And from the venues kind enough to give us feedback they noticed an increase in custom and enquires.

We think it is important to promote local places to eat out as well as local venues with events because  not everyone wants to go out at a weekend to events or gigs. So you requested more food reviews and we want to give you that. Some quite little pubs get forgotten about so please feel free to mention.

We are welcoming bookings and suggestions? Is there somewhere in Scunthorpe or close by that deserves to be shouted about. Maybe they do a particular deal your very impressed with or perhaps a special dish you always have. Where ever it is and whatever it is, get in touch and let us know.

You can comment under this article on Facebook or share the article to the place you wish us to review. Or you can contact us here.

We review for free and in our own time but we will try to fit in at least one a month.

To check out our past Food Review click here.

Dine Bangla- Sunday Banquet
Green Tree Carvery Hatfield
Green Tree Carvery
Wortley Hotel- Sunday Carvery
Oscars Bar Sunday Dinner
2015-03-26 19.49.29
The Priory – Two for deal

For venues and pubs here is a little bit of why you should use our free service to promote your business. So get in touch and book a review.

We will take photos and review the food.

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