Quick Food Review// The Priory- Ashby Road

Now and again we will throw in a food review. Sometimes we are invited to review and other times we just want a night off cooking. So last week I’ll start by saying we did try to go to Queensway as it’s nearer but the waiting time for a table was longer than an hour. So if you do want tea at the Queensway, My advise would probably be to book.

2015-03-26 19.49.29
Photo Courtesy of Casper Croft

Instead we decided to go to the also newly refurbished The Priory on Ashby Road. They have now knocked through to what was the old back room to create a comfortable and inviting dinning area away from the bar area. I think perhaps more people associate the Priory with a drink than going for food sometimes. Anyway we sat down in the new area and I was really impressed with the layout and how spacious it looked.

We decided to order from the 2 meals for £8.95.

I went for the WHITBY SCAMPI & CHIPS served with mushy peas and the other meal we went for was FLAME GRILL GAMMON & EGGS which contained, A thick cut gammon steak served with chips, peas & two free-range fried eggs.

Before the food arrived I must say I didn’t expect too much for the price, maybe quite a small portion. But was nicely surprised to see when they brought it out that it was a rather large plate with plenty on it. I also ordered some BBQ chicken wings to eat on the side seen as my earlier judgement of “there might not be much on the plate” but as the meal was quite big, I did struggled to eat them.All the food was very nice and good quality for the price, definitely more than expected for a 2 for £8.95 deal.

The gammon had a lovely flame grilled taste to it and was nice and tender not chewy. The scampi was decent and you got a good amount. Obviously we aren’t talking 5 star food but there was definitely no complains. The chicken wings were tasty, although I would have preferred they be crispier coated than wet cover in BBQ sauce but they still tasted good, just a little messy. The chicken wings also came presented with some sticks of celery, now on a normal occasion I probably would chose to eat celery but with the nice blue cheese dip it was pretty tasty and balanced out the sweetness of the rich BBQ sauce on the wings. It was nice that all sauces served with the meal came in little silver pots rather than dripping bottles.

The staff were friendly and welcoming.

If you are looking for a cheap meal out for two (or an even number) then I would definitely recommend the deal at The Priory. It is a lot nicer environment to eat in now they have the new area, you almost forget your in a pub with people playing pool and drinking beer.

Our Rating (Out of 5):

Service: ★★★★
Hygiene:  ★★★★★
Price & value for money: ★★★ 1/2
Presentation:★★★ 1/2
Overall Dining experience:  ★★★ 1/2

Download PDF Menu here: FG_Menu2_FPB6_WPB6_The_Priory_03

(Reviewer: LGM)

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