Review // DJ Shaun Crellin

Shaun featured amongst the Hardr:ve Stage line up of last years Party In The Pines, playing a Deep house set. Shaun will be returning to the DJ line up for this years DJ Event at the private woodland called Party In The Pines ‘Fort Jester Festival’. So here’s what our reviewer thought of last years set with this review from our archive.

The track selections were interesting to listen to, featuring driving drum beats and melodic bouncy bass lines. Shaun’s mixing ability as a DJ was seamless, proving his abilities on the decks.Since playing, Shaun has received positive reviews from the festival goers who enjoyed his set.  Any fan of house music should definitely go see Shaun perform live.
Some more about Shaun:

DJ Shaun Crellin – Bio

“It all started in 1992 when I was bought my first set of turntables for Christmas and started to mix trance. Then, when I left school in 1997, I bought my first set of professional turntables – Some Technics 1210s, which I still own.
I started to adapt my style of mixing and music genre as I grew older. I used to regularly record mix tapes with my friends but it was all a bedroom hobby.


This changed in 2001 when I bought my first house. That’s when the djing took step forward, having the chance of playing when and however loud I wanted.

Some friends started to run a night and were kind enough to give me the 1st hour opening set. Nerves was not the word…! The night was called getfunked, held at numerous venues in Scunthorpe. After this I started playing for a night called CTRL ALT DEL, held at Zebras above Henry Africa’s, which proved to be very popular Attracting crowds of 300 people on some nights. This was a massive confidence boost for me.

As a group, we were asked to support the world class DJ Todd Terry at an event in Hull, which drew a sell out crowd of 2000 people. There, Myself and friend Ryan Atkin were spotted by one of the north’s most prolific promoters, Terry Spammer, who offered us work at another event held at Hull University. This gave us the chance to meet and DJ with some of the biggest names in the dance music world. We played to another sell out crowd of 3500 made up of revellers from all over the UK.

shaun4People started to recognise our names and started to follow us on twitter and social media sites. My latest offer to DJ was to play at Party in the Pines, Which I was delighted to play for Hardr:ve.

The setting couldn’t be any more perfect Sunshine and deep house. I enjoyed this thoroughly and based on the feedback, so did about 1000 party goers.

I’ve recently become a very proud father to a beautiful little girl, and have been asked to play a new residency in Hull at recently opened club. So all in all the last few years have been very good for me. I can’t wait to teach my daughter to DJ”.

Did you see DJ Shaun Crellin at Party In The Pines? Tell us what you thought, and you could win x2 tickets to next years event. ENTER HERE 

Review by: Casper Croft

3 thoughts on “Review // DJ Shaun Crellin

  1. I’ve met Shaun Crellin only once. He sold me a pair of loudspeakers by NVA. Told me he had paid £1400 for them, and they were the current model. Anyway…. I handed-over £400 but discovered they were an old model. Shaun promised to repay me £250, but kept putting-off the repayment. Then he went quiet and won’t answer texts nor phone-calls. I trusted him to repay me, but unfortunately my trust and expectations were useless.


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