Join The Talk: #Scunthorpe Town Centre Nightlife

cropped-webbanner1.jpgThis bank holiday weekend was a first for us for a while in Scunthorpe. We decided to check out the events on offer in the town centre.

Now usually I only see Bank Holiday in town in the form of a photo online. Rewind back 7-8 years ago and pretty much every weekend had people waiting outside Schnapps, Mary Rose, The Light and Henry’s.

Well sad to say this Bank Holiday there we no people waiting to get in anywhere, yes it was Carnivals and Festivals out of town but still was this to blame or are people just leaving town on mini buses and going else where.

We posted a status on our social media about the subject yesterday and how it saddened us that town was not a very popular choice after all the effort the different venues, promoters, Bands & DJ’s went to. It did come as quite a shock as the time progressed into the night it still didn’t seem to pick up at any point.

So what did you do this weekend? Did you stay in? Did you have a party/BBQ or did you leave town for a particular night out?

If you want to see the discussion on Facebook, it is quite interesting to see the different view points so why not add us and have a look. Search: ScunnyNightnday or like our page


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